Republican Governors Just Got Called Out Big Time For Killing People With COVID

Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green (D) said that Republican governors are killing their constituents with COVID by discouraging vaccinations.


Lt. Gov. Green said on MSNBC:

 What we are seeing, even though we’re very well vaccinated, we’re seeing a ton of cases in our hospitals, almost exclusively among those that are unvaccinated. 98% of our deaths are people who are unvaccinated. My heart breaks as an emergency room physician when I see that. We have to take the politics out of this. We have to unite as a country. I say shame on those governors who are discouraging vaccination. They are killing their constituents when they do that. That is not what we’re supposed to I commend Governor Beshear, who is fighting the fight when he’s getting dragged into it politically. We have been vaccinating our children and ourselves throughout history. It’s the right thing to do, the safe things to do.


 The previous administration set this up as a political fight and that’s very bad for America. In Hawaii, we have worked very hard day in and day out to get people vaccinated. We have tried to minimize the conflict. It’s not easy, because you have the internet and people watching the wrong news stations which send out all kinds of misinformation. This thing is pretty darn safe and it will save lives. 

Donald Trump turned combating the pandemic into a political issue, and Republican governors are still following his lead.

Republican governors are killing people in their states for what they assume will be a political advantage in the 2022 election.

It is rare to hear other elected officials speak with such directness and clarity, but the problem is obvious. By not encouraging vaccinations, Republicans are making the pandemic worse., and people are dying so that the GOP can maybe win a few more votes next November.

Republican governors made vaccinations political, and it is costing people their lives.



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