Watch Joe “You Lie” Wilson Get Destroyed By House Democrat For Afghanistan Lies

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) got destroyed by Rep. Gerald Connelly (D-VA) for spreading lies about Afghanistan during the testimony of Sec. State Blinkin.

Rep. Wilson claimed that Biden turned terrorists loose from Afghanistan, and they are flowing over the Southern Border because Biden stopped construction on Trump’s wall.

Wilson went on to claim the terrorists that are coming over the border are going to go and blow up American towns as suicide bombers.

Video of Wilson:

Rep. Gerald Connolly Let Wilson Have It

Rep. Connolly said, “I guess I would say to my friend from South Carolina if I were the member of congress who committed one of the most grievous acts when the President Of The United States Mr. Obama was our guest to shout out you lie, I might take more care about enumerating other alleged lies in a hearing with the Secretary of State.”

Video of Connolly:

Joe Wilson Will Wear You Lie For The Rest Of His Life.

Wilson was spreading fear-mongering nonsense at the hearing. It was Trump who surrendered to the Taliban. Donald Trump freed 5,000 Taliban fighters.

Afghan terrorists are not coming over the southern border, and they are not coming to towns across America to act as suicide bombers.

The man who yelled out “you lie” during President Obama’s State Of The Union has zero credibility, and he will never ever live down the moment that made him infamous.

Thank you to Rep. Jerry Connolly for putting the rat back in his cage.


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