Republican Campaign Of Civil Disobedience Over Vaccine Mandates Totally Flops

After President Biden imposed some vaccine mandates, Republicans called for civil disobedience, but the campaign is not going well.

Before Biden’s order, the tax collector in Orange County, Florida, established a vaccine mandate.

According to WFTV, “At the time, 45% of his staff was fully vaccinated. Now, it’s above 90%. About a half dozen people have applied for exemptions with a few days left before the mandate takes effect, Randolph’s spokesman said. Additionally, 12 quit.”

In Chicago, just 10% of school bus drivers quit over a vaccine mandate.

The civil disobedience and non-compliance that Republicans have called for are not happening. The troops aren’t going AWOL. A small percentage of people, roughly 10%, are still refusing to get vaccinated, but in a country where the vaccination rate is still too low to stop the spread, it looks like President Biden’s plan will work.

Republicans think that protesting protecting public health is good politics for them, but most Americans would rather be free of the pandemic than have the freedom to get COVID.

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