The Senate Has A New Voting Rights Bill That Is Supported By Every Democrat

Senate Democrats are close to unveiling a new voting rights bill that has the support of every single Democrat.

NBC News reported:

Senate Democrats are close to an agreement on updated voting rights legislation that can get the support of all 50 Democrats, three Democratic aides familiar with negotiations tell NBC.


The member level discussions are complete, one source says, but the staff is currently going through the legislative text to fix any technical issues. No further details have been shared yet.

The Point Isn’t To Get 60 Votes, But To Get A Bill Democrats Can Pass Alone.

Democrats are looking for a voting rights bill that they can pass with 50 votes, whether that is through reconciliation or a filibuster carve out. The news that the Democrats have a bill and not individual proposals is a big step toward protecting voting rights.

Senate Democrats have to first get every member of their caucus on board with the same bill, and then they can figure out how to get it through the Senate with 50 votes plus Vice President Harris.

A voting rights bill will change the trajectory of elections for a generation.


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