Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Presses FBI Director On Sham Brett Kavanaugh Investigation

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse demanded to know from FBI Director Wray when he and Sen. Coons would finally get documents from the FBI on their bogus Brett Kavanaugh investigation.

Sen. Whitehouse Wants Answers On The FBI’s Brett Kavanaugh Investigation


Whitehouse asked FBI Director Chris Wray:

It strikes me very strongly as we sit here today and as we heard the powerful testimony earlier this morning that the last time a woman came forward in this committee to testify to her allegations of sexual assault in her childhood. The witness was Christine Blasey Ford.

 It appeared to me then, and it appears to me now that her testimony was swept under the rug in a confirmation stampede. It is very possible that the FBI investigation of her allegations was just as flawed, just as constrained, just as inappropriate as the investigation in this case. We don’t know. Because we don’t have answers. I am still trying to get answers from you and from your organization, along with Coons and others. 

After more than two years, our first letter requesting information was in August 1st of 2019. Our follow-up, we got a response to yesterday. Two months afterward. Not coincidentally, I suspect on the eve of your appearance today. Some I said we better get something up there because we haven’t answered this question. In that letter dated yesterday, the assistant director said the FBI is working with the department to identify and make available certain relevant documents. So the answer wasn’t even an answer. It was an answer that at some date in the future, we might actually get an answer. Today, now, can you give me the date when these certain relevant documents will be provided to us? 

The FBI Has Been Stalling On The Brett Kavanaugh Investigation For Two Years

Sen. Whitehouse first requested the documents related to the Kavanaugh investigation TWO YEARS AGO. The only response that the interested Senators received was an admission that the FBI didn’t conduct a real investigation, and actually turned over tips on Kavanaugh to the Trump White House.

The investigation appears to have been a sham, and given that the FBI also covered up for Larry Nassar, the documents and a full congressional investigation are vital.

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