Just Like Brett Kavanaugh The FBI Lied And Covered Up Larry Nassar’s Abuse Of US Gymnasts

US gymnasts are testifying before the US Senate and detailing, how just like in the Brett Kavanaugh case, the FBI lied to cover up sexual abuse by Larry Nassar.

Video of gymnast Maggie Nichols:

Nichols said:

The FBI have betrayed me and those abused by Larry Nassar after I reported. It’s well documented in the OIG report. After I reported my abuse, my family and I were told by their former president to keep quiet and not say anything that could hurt the FBI investigation. We now know there was no real FBI investigation occurring. 

While my complaints with the FBI, Larry Nassar continued to abuse women and girls. During this time the FBI issued no search warrants and made no arrests. .Not only did the FBI fail to conduct a thorough investigation, but they also knew that usage and the U.S. OPC created a false narrative where Larry Nassar was allowed to retire with his reputation intact, and return to Michigan State University, thus allowing dozens of little girls to be molested.

Failed to report proper authorities, and the special agent in charge was seeking to become the new director of security—a job opportunity raised by Steve Penny. Afterward, the  FBI agent in charge of the investigation lied to OIG investigators about what had happened. This conduct by these FBI agents, including the special agent in charge who are held in high regard and expected to protect the public, is unacceptable, disgusting, and shameful.

The Same FBI Faked The Brett Kavanaugh Sexual-Assault Investigation

Unfortunately, this is a pattern of behavior with the FBI.

The FBI admitted in July that their investigation into then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for sexual assault was a scam. 

Why is the FBI covering up for accused sexual predators? Why is the FBI not protecting victims of rape and sexual assault?

How does FBI Director Chris Wray still have his job?

It is time for a full investigation into FBI misconduct.


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