Barr Told Trump He Would Lose The Election Because People Think He’s An A–hole

Barr told Trump that no one outside of his base cares about his grievances, and that he would lose because people think he’s an a–hole.

Insider got a copy of the book Peril and told the story of the Barr/Trump meeting:

“In my opinion,” Barr told Trump during a tense Oval Office meeting, according to the book, “this is not a base election. Your base is critical, and you’ll get it out. And there are a lot of people out there, independents and Republicans in the suburbs of the critical states that think you’re an a**hole. They think you act like an a**hole and you got to, you got to start taking that into account.”


“Your base cares about seeing [former FBI director James Comey] and the rest of those guys held accountable, but these other people don’t,” Barr said, according to the book. “They don’t care about your f*cking grievances. And it just seems that every time you’re out there, you’re talking about your go*damn grievances.”

Trump Ignored Warnings That He Was Going To Lose

Barr was right on both points. The majority of voters did not like Trump, who is the only president in history to never a single day of an approval rating at or over 50%.

Trump ran his presidency like his base were the only people in America. Every decision, every comment, every move was made with his base in mind, which is astounding because Trump lost the popular vote by millions to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump lost the election because he is an a-hole who didn’t care about anyone besides himself. This attitude is how he allowed the coronavirus to kill over 600,000 Americans on his watch.

If Trump runs again in 2024, he will have the same fatal flaw that doomed him in 2020. People don’t like him, and anytime he is matched up against a likable opponent, for example, President Biden, he will lose.

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