Democrats Hammer Mitch McConnell For Sabotaging The Economy To Stop Joe Biden

Senate Democrats are calling out Mitch McConnell for using debt ceiling sabotage to stop President Biden.


The Democrats said:

Republicans led by Senator McConnell appear intent on pushing America toward a first-ever, catastrophic default that they know would be a “disaster,” pushing our economy back toward a recession, hurting every American. The debt ceiling needs to be suspended to pay the bills from existing programs, including those that passed with Republican support, after more than $8 trillion in new debt was added during the Trump administration. Republicans know their actions could lead to serious damage to our economy – possibly including canceled or delayed Social Security checks and pay for our military – but they are pushing us towards the first-ever default because, as Senator McConnell said earlier this year, 100% percent of their focus is on stopping the Biden administration.

President Biden’s plans are successful. They are popular with voters and very damaging to Republican election hopes in 2022. Mitch McConnell is trying to use the debt ceiling to wreck the economy and hurt President Biden.

What has changed since the Obama years is that Democrats expect nothing less from McConnell than what he is doing, and they are calling him out for his un-American sabotage.

Mitch McConnell didn’t care about debt when Trump was president, and this next hike of the debt ceiling was caused by Trump and McConnell’s reckless spending.

Democrats aren’t playing games, and Mitch McConnell won’t get a free pass on his effort to destroy the economy.

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