Republicans Reeling As Nearly 2/3 Of Voters Support Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

A new poll reveals that 62% of voters support President Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

Voters Want To Build Back Better

According to a Data For Progress survey, by a margin of 64%-24, likely voters support the infrastructure part of Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Plan. These numbers include 79% of Democrats, 66% of Independents, and 47% of Republicans.

Sixty-two percent of voters support the reconciliation part of Build Back Better. 85% of Democrats, 58% of Independents, and 39% of Republicans support the second part of the plan.

The most supported part of the plan is investing in long-term care, with 79% support. The second most popular is modernizing school buildings and the electrical grid (73% and 74%), followed by allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices.

The least popular piece of the plan is expanding the child tax credit, and even that has net (+9) approval of 50%-41%.

Republicans have been trying to sink this plan with cries of socialism, but it is not working. The United States is still in the midst of a pandemic and the American people need help.

One gets the sense that people are tired of government spending being tilted toward the wealthy and corporations. The people who make up the backbone of this country have problems too, and they would like to be recognized by their government.

Build Back Better is the sort of accomplishment that wins presidents a second term.

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