Brian Williams Shreds Madison Cawthorn’s Claim Of A Constitutional Right To Air Travel

After Congressman Madison Cawthorn claimed that the unvaccinated have a constitutional right to air travel, MSNBC’s Brian Williams provided the sarcastic reality.


Cawthorn said on Newsmax, “This is medical apartheid.  There’s over 100 million Americans who are not vaccinated, and I think it’s even more than that and if they want to start shutting down air travel to people getting around the country, I think it’s actually a constitutional violation because you have a constitutionally predictive right, to free unrestricted travel within the United States of America. “

Brian Williams reacted, “ Perhaps you are wondering as we did, who’s going to tell him? We checked the constitution, no mention that we could find of airlines, increase legroom, trade tables, carry on bags, peanuts, none of it.”

The Founders did not guarantee a constitutional right to air travel in the Constitution because air travel was hundreds of years away from being invented when the Constitution was written.

Cawthorn, who is also a domestic terrorist that is looking to cause more violence against the US government, has no idea what is in the Constitution.

The Constitution does not give Republicans the right to do whatever they want.  The Constitution does not say that an individual has the right to spread COVID and kill others.

Rep. Cawthorn has no clue what he is talking about, which is why so many in the Republican Party regard him as a future rising star.

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