Eric Swalwell Suggests Justice For J6 Flop Shows Trump May Be Fading

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) suggested that Donald Trump may be fading after the Justice for J6 flop.


Swalwell said to CNN’s Jim Acosta:

The police showed up in force, and they had the presence that they should have had on January 6th, considering what Donald Trump was promising, and I think that may have been a deterrent. Also, perhaps Donald Trump’s ability to inspire people to show up on his behalf may also be fading. 


But that doesn’t mean we should let our guard down. I really feel, though, Jim, for the police officers who stood guard there today, who also stood guard at the Capitol, and may have suffered injuries on January 6th. This must have been triggering and traumatizing, and this vigil is held at a time when one, these people aren’t worthy of a vigil, but two, many officers have not yet even returned to the capitol from the injuries they suffered. So it would be like having a September 11th vigil, for the hijackers.

Rep. Swalwell may be right. There is going to be some lessening of Trump’s ability to incite. He no longer has his Twitter platform and the White House to drive his message. Swalwell was also correct that we can’t let up. Domestic terrorists only have to be successful once, but the American people have to be vigilant at all times.

Trump may be on the downhill slide, but he and his radicalized supporters represent the biggest domestic terror threat that the nation faces,

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