There Are Reportedly More Press Than Protesters At Justice For J6 Rally

The rally to support the 1/6 attackers appears to have drawn more members of the press than actual protesters.

Here is what the scene looked like:

The pro-terrorist protest looks pretty empty, and reporters are noticing that they outnumber the anti-democracy gang:

If the protest attendance is so small, why is the corporate media sticking around to give the extremists who hate democracy attention?

The protest is not newsworthy or notable. The media is hanging around in case things get out of control or violent, but there is likely more security on the scene than there are protesters.

The domestic terrorists grew paranoid in the days before the rally and told their people not to show up.

Going back to Trump’s inauguration, Republicans have had a recent history of failing to draw a crowd in DC unless it was to violently overthrow the government and keep Trump in power.

The people want attention, so journalists should pack up their gear and go enjoy a nice fall afternoon.

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