Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 13 – 1 9, 2021

You and a partner might have mutual feelings, but you need more than chemistry to hold you in thrall. As the driven Sun blazes through precise Virgo and your relationship sector for the next couple weeks, you’d like to get SOME kind of clarity about the state of this union. Yet on Tuesday, September 14, el Sol is opposing your co-ruler, nebulous Neptune, make it hard to gauge the future. You know what they say about leading a horse to water, so rather than push it too far (and risk getting thrown off that bronco), leave this alone for the moment. If you’re in a solid relationship, you might have a classic couple’s misunderstanding today that, tomorrow, will leave you scratching your heads over what THAT was about. (So resist “going there”!) Even in professional partnerships, you might feel like someone is equivocating. Either they don’t have the information you need or they have questionable business ethics. But this is a one-day transit, and by the time “all or nothing” Pluto steps in on Thursday, they might be singing a different tune. There’s a reason they say patience is a virtue, Pisces!

Fortunately, another planet steps in to support on Tuesday. Passionate Mars sizzles into Libra, its first visit to your erotic eighth house in two years. With your mojo fired up to “five chilis” until October 30, you’ll feel like the hottest thing around. Before you pursue anyone with a vengeance, make sure there’s an equal ratio of trust to lust. Even if you think you can handle something casual, this Mars phase has you playing for keeps. If you’ve been dating someone, you may need to strengthen your exclusivity clause or spell out in crystal clarity what the future holds for the two of you. Don’t be shy about asking for the certainty you need, Pisces. Just make sure you’re actually requesting something that’s appropriate for the current phase of the relationship. The red planet can be aggressive, but you want to entice, not overwhelm. Long-term couples could start looking at ways to co-invest. If you’re ready to wrap the year with more money in the bank, think outside the 9-5 grind. You could make big money through royalties, commission, real estate, even network marketing sales. An investor may step forward, wanting to put dollars behind your dreams. Or make that a plural “investors” if you have an idea worthy of crowdfunding. The people you partner with over the next six and a half weeks—whether for business or pleasure—will be in no hurry to leave. Choose wisely, Pisces!

You’re famous for your compassion, but under Friday’s activating clash between piercing Venus in Scorpio and solemn Saturn in your unconscious twelfth house, you might blurt out something a little more severe than you intended. Ouch! If someone solicits feedback, try to discern how much will actually be helpful and what would be too much. If you do have something a little harsh to share, wrap it in a “praise sandwich,” where you lead—and end—with sincere compliments, tucking the tough feedback in between. Don’t be so focused on accomplishing a mission that you lose sight of the subtle but important social pleasantries that keep the professional wheels greased. So don’t lead off an email or a conversation with what needs to be done; take a minute to say hello and ask how the other person is doing!

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