An Ad Critical Of Greg Abbott Suddenly Disappeared In Texas, And The Lincoln Project Demands Answers

The Lincoln Project had a deal to run an ad pointing out Greg Abbott’s COVID failures during the University of Texas football game, but the deal was nixed ten minutes before kickoff.

The Lincoln Project Had A Deal To Air An Ad Critical Of Abbott Nationally

The ad:

The Lincoln Project had a deal to run the ad nationally with ESPN during the Texas Longhorns football game, but ten minutes before kickoff, the deal was canceled.

The Lincoln Project responded in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

The Lincoln Project produced an ad critical of Governor Greg Abbott’s COVID-19 response — paying to air the commercial nationally on the Longhorn Network during the University of Texas vs. Rice football game on Saturday, September 18. Despite being cleared by ESPN’s legal department, 10 minutes before kickoff, we were informed that the ad would not run. When asked why we were told it was a ‘University-made decision.’

“Did Greg Abbott or his allies assert political influence to ensure the advertisement was not broadcast? Once again, instead of focusing on the task of keeping Texans safe from the coronavirus pandemic, it appears they’ve focused their time and energy on censoring those that would hold him to account for his failures. Indeed, multiple sources in Texas have informed us of the political panic inside the  Governor’s office and campaign organization.

The Lincoln Project will be filing a Freedom of Information request with the University of Texas at Austin and Greg Abbott’s official office to determine if any communications were made between the school and those within the Governor’s office in regards to this First Amendment-protected speech.

We will not be deterred by Governor Abbott’s radicalism in support of his own political prospects and reelection campaign. We’re not finished with Governor Abbott.

Who Killed The Ad?

The Lincoln Project’s suspicion is likely to be confirmed that Gov. Abbott or his representatives used their power and influence over the university to kill the ad.

Not only is Greg Abbott sickening and killing Texans with his refusal to deal with the pandemic properly, but he is also not allowing the truth to be told to the people of the state.

Shame on ESPN for going along with such an egregious violation of the First Amendment, and shame on the University of Texas for participating in a COVID cover-up.

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