Why Lily Collins Skipped the Emmys in 2021

Emily in Paris boasts two Emmy nominations tonight, Best Comedy Series and Outstanding Production Design For A Narrative Program (Half-Hour), but its series star, Lily Collins, is far from the Los Angeles ceremony this evening. Collins posted on her Instagram Story shortly before the red carpet begun, revealing she is in London. “Guess London is as happy we’re back as we are,” she wrote amid a shot of a rainbow there.

lily collins in london


With Emily in Paris competing against seven shows in the Best Comedy Series (including Ted Lasso and The Flight Attendant), Collins may have made the call that one major category is not worth all the traveling amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Collins spoke to W about how she feels playing Emily. “I’m playing the most American character I’ve ever played,” she told the outlet. Collins is British-American and was born in the UK. “I’ve never felt more American, but in my real life, I feel very British. And yet I felt so disconnected from my European side, having to be Emily.”

She also revealed that she did not get to keep any of Emily’s clothes. “I wish [I got to keep her wardrobe],” she started. “I did get sent the white orchard dress that I get splattered with paint on last season. I got a clean one—the designer sent me one with a pair of shoes, so I get to keep that for memory’s sake. But I think a lot of my new favorite outfits are from this season. The wardrobe even went up more, which I didn’t even know was possible. From last season, I go back and forth. The opera house look felt like it was such an iconic moment for her. I can’t help but reference the Eiffel Tower silk shirt, because I just felt like that, with the Mona Lisa hat, was a real tongue-in-cheek Emily moment. She embraces ‘more is more.’ She’s shamelessly herself. And I feel like she’s always in on the joke, and that just perfectly represented that to me.”

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