Texas Abortion Law Backfires On Republicans As SCOTUS Has A Negative Approval Rating

The American people overwhelmingly oppose the Texas abortion law, and the Supreme Court now has a negative approval rating.

The Supreme Court’s Texas Abortion Law Ruling Is Not Popular

According to a new poll from Monmouth University:

The majority of the public (54%) disagrees with the Supreme Court allowing the Texas law that effectively bans abortions after six weeks to go into effect. Another 39% of Americans agree with the court. Most Democrats (73%) disagree with the decision, while most Republicans (62%) agree. Democrats (77%) and independents (61%) are more likely than Republicans (47%) to say they have heard a lot about this new law.

            Two unique provisions of the Texas law are broadly opposed by the public. Seven in ten Americans (70%) disapprove of allowing private citizens to use lawsuits to enforce this law rather than having government prosecutors handle these cases. Additionally, 8 in 10 Americans (81%) disapprove of giving $10,000 to private citizens who successfully file suits against those who perform or assist a woman with getting an abortion.

 The poll finds the public’s view of the Supreme Court has dimmed in the last five years. Currently, 42% approve and 45% disapprove of the job the Court is doing. In 2016, the top court’s rating stood at 49% approve and 33% disapprove. During this time, Republican approval has climbed (from 36% to 52%), and Democratic approval has declined (from 65% to 33%), while independent approval has held steady (47% in 2016 and 44% now).

The Overreach By Texas Republicans Is Hurting The Entire Republican Party.

Texas Republicans did more than hand Democrats a powerful issue in 2022 and 2024. They set up the Supreme Court’s conservative majority to crash its reputation and make the Court the least popular that it has ever been. Conservatives like Amy Coney Barrett and Clarence Thomas are already freaking out and trying to defend SCOTUS as non-partisan.

The Supreme Court’s conservative majority is quickly becoming as unpopular as the Republican Party, and Republicans have the Texas GOP to thank for this act of political arson.

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