“Stop Clogging Up My Hospitals”

Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D) criticized Idaho leadership, saying that Idaho Governor Brad Little’s (R) disregard for the Covid-19 pandemic is “clogging up” Washington’s hospitals. 

“Today in my state, Washington citizens in many cases cannot get heart surgery, cannot get cancer surgery that they need, because we are having to take too many people of unvaccinated nature and unmasked, many of whom come from Idaho, and that’s just maddening frankly,” Inslee told MSNBC.

“So we are calling for Idaho and the leaders there to lead and take some commonsense measures,” Inslee continued. “I’m disappointed the governor of Idaho has spent more time trying to reduce protection by reducing vaccine usage instead of concentrating on this, and then clogging up my hospitals.”

Inslee proceeded to criticize the Republican Party in its entirety.

“Unfortunately, that entire party, the other party, is not helping out, pulling on the rope here. Many states are in the same position and many governors will experience the same frustration I have. So it’s time for people to start pulling on the rope and do an American duty. Get vaccinated, have useful use of masks where appropriate. If we do these things, we know we can best this pandemic,” he said.

Health care workers are exhausted as Idaho’s Covid-19 cases continue their upward trajectory.

“The numbers continue to increase, and we expect them to continue to increase,” said Dave Jeppesen, the director of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

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