Watch Shawn Mendes Get Caught Lying About Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Joe Alwyn

Shawn Mendes took a lie detector test for Vanity Fair, and his candid opinion of Taylor Swift’s longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn was truly unexpected—and a little awkward, given that the video was just released publicly. Mendes was asked about his relationship with Swift at the seven-minute mark and how often they text to start. “Yeah, I always am asking her for advice on music,” he said. “Maybe a month ago [is the last time I texted her], so whatever that counts for as still texting.”

That was honest. Then the interviewer asked Mendes about Alwyn: “Do you approve of Taylor’s current boyfriend Joe Alwyn?” He was given a photo of Alwyn to look at.

“I’ve never personally met Joe, but he looks like a sweet guy,” Mendes answered.

The lie detector test operator immediately objected: “You’re not telling the truth. You’re being deceptive.”

Mendes owned up to it: “I’m lying a little bit?” he asked. “Yeah, I mean, he’s [Alwyn] kind of got a little bit of a villain look about him. I mean, he looks like a nice guy but, like, he at any movement could turn into a villain, you know? But he’s got really blue eyes, and I struggle with eyes that blue, you know? Like, I find it easier to trust brown eyes.” He paused, then admitted that he “talked way too much about him.” Neither Swift nor Alwyn have commented on the clip yet, but should they ever double date with Mendes and his girlfriend Camila Cabello, they definitely have a good icebreaker.

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