It Gets Worse In Florida As Republicans Want To Review Vaccine Mandates For Measles And Mumps

Florida Republicans aren’t satisfied with an anti-COVID vaccine mandate, they are now calling for all vaccine mandates to be reviewed.

Florida Politics reported on the comments of Sen. Manny Diaz, who is one of the state’s top Republicans in shaping healthcare policy

The Senator, who acknowledges he hasn’t gotten a COVID-19 vaccine, says he’s firmly against vaccine mandates. At the urging of the Governor, the Legislature earlier this year passed a bill that would prevent private businesses from requiring proof of vaccination from their customers. But the bill did not ban employers from requiring their employees to be vaccinated.


Diaz said it may be time to “review” those mandates, in place for such illnesses as mumps and measles. But he said there was a difference between long-tested vaccines and the new COVID-19 vaccine.

Republicans aren’t satisfied with sickening and killing Florida kids with COVID. They also want to bring back measles and mumps as well. The party of personal responsibility has become the party of no responsibility for the health and welfare of children.

The GOP has abandoned conservatism and embraced a doctrine of personal selfishness. There is no need to review policies on vaccines that have kept kids from getting sick for decades.

In 2019, 140,000 mostly children and infants died from measles around the world.

Vaccine mandates are necessary because they work, and only a political party that is trying to kill people would think otherwise.

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