Climate protests led by youths spread across the world: Live Updates

Protesters have begun to gather at the Reichstag, which houses the lower chamber of Germany’s parliament, in central Berlin.

Germany has the highest number of youth protests planned for Friday, with more than 400 scheduled to take place in the country, and the movement’s founder, Greta Thunberg, is expected to speak in Berlin.

(Frederik Pleitgen/CNN)
(Frederik Pleitgen/CNN)

Youth protesters from over 1,400 locations are calling on the Global North to pay their “climate debt.” 

“The colonizers of the north have a debt to pay for their disproportionate amount of historic emissions and that starts with the increase of climate finance to implement anti-racist climate reparations,” protest organizers said.

“Other socio-economic crises such as racism, sexism, ableism, class inequality, and more amplify the climate crisis and vice versa.”

The Global Climate Strike is taking place across all inhabited continents under the banner #UprootTheSystem.

The strike comes as world leaders make key decisions on climate at the UN General Assembly and just weeks before the Cop26 climate summit in the Scottish city of Glasgow.

They protest organizers are calling for “a future where people and planet are prioritized.”

“They are also asking leaders of the Global North to drastically cut their emissions, ensure equitable distribution of the Covid vaccine and to recognize how the climate crisis impacts human safety, particularly that of indigenous communities.”

(Frederik Pleitgen/CNN)
(Frederik Pleitgen/CNN)

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