Democrats Get In Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Face After She Heckles Them On Capitol Steps

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene heckled House Democrats after they passed the Women’s Health Protection Act, and Democrats got in her face.


This is the same Marjorie Taylor Greene who ran away when a protester was holding a sign behind. Rep. Greene is really good at trying to play the bully. It is not the first time that Greene and her staff have tried to harass Democrats.

Rep. Eric Swalwell got in the face of a Greene staffer who heckled him for wearing a mask. 

Rep. Greene is one of the House Republicans who support the 1/6 domestic terrorists. She has been labeled a threat to the safety of members of Congress.

Greene isn’t just a troll. She is an anti-democracy, insurrectionist supporting troll. Democrats like Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) aren’t intimidated by her heckling and bullying.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the embodiment of what is wrong with the Republican Party. She has no interest in governing, no knowledge of government, and appears to spend most of her time trying to “trigger the libs.”

Being that she is also a threat to the safety and security of Congress and the country, Democrats are doing the right thing by standing up to her thug behavior.

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