Fox News And OANN Ignore AZ Audit That Shows Bigger Biden Margin Of Victory

Newsmax is only covering Donald Trump’s election lies, while Fox News and One America News Network are ignoring the results of the Arizona audit.

Matthew Sheffield tweeted:

The conservative cable networks hyped the Arizona fraudit for months, but when the results, no matter how dubious they are, show that it was actually Joe Biden, not Donald Trump who had his total undercounted, conservative media ignores the audit, like it never happened.

Trump and Republicans have warped the term media bias to mean a factual story that they disagree with. The term has become so misused that people can’t see what real bias looks like.

Conservative media’s handling of the results of the Arizona audit is a textbook example of media bias in action.

The Arizona audit is not credible, so media outlets should not be stating that it confirms Biden’s win. Joe Biden’s win was already confirmed before he took office.

The audit process itself does reveal that even when Republicans try to cook the books on election returns, they fail to prove their claims that the election was stolen.

Because the audit was a flop, conservative media is ignoring the results.

That’s what real media bias looks like.


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