Marjorie Taylor Greene Could Face Investigation After Continued Attack On Debbie Dingell

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene continued her attack on Rep. Debbie Dingell as she is cruising to be investigated.

Greene wasn’t done after her shouting match with Rep. Dingell:

Greene’s outburst on Friday and her behavior on Saturday are both violations of House ethics rules. Greene is personally attacking another member of the House.

Rep. Greene started the confrontation. She interrupted the House members who were speaking to the press.

The Georgia Republican is following in Trump’s footsteps in that she is constantly trying to generate attention for herself by “owning the libs.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is an example of everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. She is unqualified to hold her seat. Greene has no interest in governing or actually representing the people of her district.

Rep. Greene is a toxic cancer that only looks to divide and push her conspiratorial extremist views.

The House needs better people in it than Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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