Voter Suppression Laws Backfire And Make It Harder For White Republicans To Vote

Many Republicans slowly realize that their talk of fraud and new voter suppression laws are causing fewer Republicans to vote.

GOP Voter Suppression Laws Accidentally Target Older White Rural Republicans.

Data from Pew Research, as reported by Vox, illustrates how white older Republicans get caught in the voter suppression trap:

While in the last election, Biden voters were more likely to vote by mail than Trump voters, a survey of the 2020 election from Pew Research Center also shows that Republicans also utilized the opportunity to avoid voting in person.

Voters age 65 or older were among the most likely to vote absentee, likely because they are at greatest risk for serious cases of Covid-19, and 42 percent of Trump voters in that age group did so in 2020. Seniors in this age group are usually able to request absentee mail-in ballots in the most restrictive states — qualifying for being elderly — and in 2019, the 65-and-older group was more likely to be registered and Republican or lean Republican.

The new voter suppression laws in Florida and Georgia are two examples that have been listed by Republicans as laws that target the GOP’s base while trying to prevent minorities who are likely to vote Democratic from casting their ballots, but the opposite might be happening.

State Level Republicans Worry Voter Suppression Laws Fire Up Democrats And Keep Republicans From Voting.

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote about the concerns of red-state Republicans:

In Texas, one Republican state legislator wrote a newspaper column where he openly wondered why the legislators were “trying to make it harder for Republican voters to vote?” In Iowa, a Republican election commissioner from rural Adams County asked the same thing at a hearing on new voter rules in that state. And in Florida, one former Republican campaign operative worried that the new laws could rile voters of color and turn them out in greater numbers.

Republicans Could Shrink The Electorate By Removing Their Own Voters.

Republicans thought that they could rig future elections by making it harder for Democratic-leaning voters to vote, but their voter suppression laws are so broad that they are destroying a mail-in voting system that Republicans have spent decades building.

Older white rural Republican voters are the backbone of the GOP. If even a small percentage of these voters don’t vote, in combination with an increase in Democratic turnout, the result will be a disaster for the Republican Party.


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