Chuck Todd Hits A New Low By Featuring Megan McCain On Meet The Press

Chuck Todd took Meet The Press to a new low on Sunday by featuring Megan McCain as a panelist.

Chuck Todd Adds Megan McCain To The Panel On Meet The Press


Megan McCain was brought on Meet The Press to lie.

Such as when she claimed that  Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is not popular:

Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is currently supported by 66% of Americans and 61% of Independents, so perhaps by not polling well, Megan McCain meant that it is really really popular?

There are hundreds of elected officials who would be better panelists than Megan McCain. The daughter of the late Sen. John McCain is not a journalist. She is not an expert in any area of politics and has zero political experience.

If her last name wasn’t McCain, she would be working in retail in Tempe right now.

Chuck Todd Takes Meet The Press To A New Low

It is bad enough that Chuck Todd is basically not booking elected Democrats even though Democrats are the majority in the House and Senate, and the President is also a Democrat, but he is literally lowering the bar for guests on what used to be the gold standard of Sunday morning talk shows.

The Sunday shows have largely become irrelevant.

Top Republicans stick to their Fox News bubble, and top Democrats rarely appear on the Sunday shows, Nancy Pelosi was on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, but for the most part, top Democrats will go months between Sunday show appearances.

Megan McCain does not belong on a Meet The Press panel, but Chuck Todd seems determined to make the show a semi-Fox News clone, so viewers get a dose of Megan McCain’s lies, and Chuck Todd doesn’t blink an eye or offer a correction.


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