Devin Nunes Claims Joe Biden Framed Donald Trump On Russia

Russian asset Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) that it really Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, who is involved with Russia.

Putin Pal Devin Nunes Claims Biden Is The One Who Is Involved With Russia


Nunes said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, “You still have many Americans who have been poisoned by this who think that Donald Trump had something to do with Russia in fact the opposite it was true, it was the Democrats and the Clinton campaign and the Bidens who had something to do with Russia. “

His Fellow Members Of Congress Labeled Nunes A Russian Asset For A Reason

Devin Nunes is still trying to run a disinformation campaign on Trump and Russia five years later because Russia is likely to try to help Trump again if he returns in 2024, and the Trump/Russia connection hurts the failed former one-term president with voters.

There is a reason why members of Congress have called Nunes a Russian asset.

Donald Trump was not set up by the Clintons and Joe Biden on Russia. Trump’s own behavior as president set alarm bells ringing as he held secret meetings alone with Putin and refused to confront the Russian autocrat for four years.

Joe Biden has been a staunch opponent of Putin, and unlike Trump and Nunes, there is no connection between President Biden and Russia.


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