Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 20 – 2 6, 2021

How sweet is your home, Sag? On Monday, September 20, the year’s only full moon in Pisces illuminates your domestic fourth house, helping you see clearly where your greatest pleasures come from—but also where things aren’t quite copacetic. Whether you need to make some changes in your physical abode or with the people living under your roof, the two weeks following this lunar lift are perfect for making those modifications, or least getting the ball rolling. While in “normal” years your peripatetic sign might consider home base a place to stash your suitcase and do laundry in between escapades, ever since the pandemic hit, you may have spent more time at Casa Archer than you have in a while. Have a clear-eyed look around. If your decor is more a mishmash of things you’ve acquired over the years—perhaps from your travels—it might be time for some intentional curation. From consignment shops to eBay to OfferUp, there’s a wealth of “gently used” treasures waiting for an appreciative new owner. But before you bring in anything, clear out everything you aren’t loving anymore—and be tough on yourself. Out with the clutter and junk and things you haven’t worn or used in…how long HAS it been, Sagittarius? Think private storage systems as well as gorgeous furnishings and art. Take the next two weeks to get started, but then, plan to keep at it till it’s done!

Your social high season officially commences this Wednesday as the high-powered Sun makes its annual entrance into amicable Libra and your eleventh house of group activity for a month. While you still want to follow safety guidelines, you will most certainly have the opportunity to flap your social-butterfly wings—especially if you’ve been locked down more than your nomadic soul can bear. Plan to make up for lost time and respark old connections between now and October 23. And if there are any clubs or groups you’ve had in your crosshairs (but have been too busy to check out), carpe the diem over the next four weeks. Anything involving friends, cool colleagues and even people you’re eager to get to know better will be ideal during this solar surge. Even work-related team projects may feel sprinkled with pixie dust!

Thursday’s nerve-racking opposition between unpredictable Uranus and harmonizing Venus in your introspective twelfth house could cause anxiety to mount. But stay mindful, Archer—otherwise, you could find yourself reflexively reaching for kettle corn, mind-numbing substances and even initiating a meaningless booty call. Staying cool won’t be easy, but losing your cool is to be avoided at all costs. Before you overheat, hop on a cardio machine or drop in for a quick HIIT workout to keep tension under control.

On Saturday, motivational Mars aligns with pragmatic Saturn in your “people houses.” This grounding (yet stimulating) transit will resound all weekend, so get out and explore. Log on for a friend’s impromptu gathering, check out workshops or live music or other potentially happening places. Don’t be surprised if you make a fast connection with someone else doing the same thing, but keep it loose. Chances are good that you’ll meet more than just one kindred spirit.

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