Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 20 – 2 6, 2021

The full moon on Monday, September 20, may be in gentle, unassuming Pisces, but since it lands in your fifth house of glamour, amour and drama, it won’t be a ho-hum kind of day! Whether you’re literally a performer or artist or “just” another Scorpio whose passions run deep, life could swiftly intensify under this lunar lift in a fellow water sign. Single? A simmering—or is that “searing”?—attraction could heat up to the boiling point in the coming two weeks. If your feelings aren’t being reciprocated, you might need to manually ignite that pilot light. But don’t lower your standards. If you make a courageous move but nothing’s happening, cut bait and move on to someone who will appreciate your amazingness. In an LTR? This once-a-year “culminating” moon could signal a deepening of your bond, which for some couples might involve starting or expanding a family. (So, uh, if you’re NOT trying, take extra precautions.) This fertile full moon could also birth an artistic work that you’re proud to see your name on.

Downshift, Scorpio. After hosting the Sun in your eleventh house of group activity for the past month, you’re more than ready to come in for a landing—and to stay grounded for a while! So Wednesday’s relocation of el Sol to Libra and your introspective, restful twelfth house should come as welcome news. This is your annual four weeks to shutter yourself in, dive into a good book (or streaming series) and let the healing begin. Between now and October 23 (when Scorpio season commences!), make a mental list of everything you want to leave behind when your personal astrological New Year begins. This is an ideal time to drop a toxic habit or say goodbye to someone who’s been thwarting your forward progress. Do your forgiveness—and gratitude—work, apologizing to those YOU might have hurt. On a literal level, this is also an excellent opportunity to clear out the physical clutter from your life and living space. You may not realize how much all that is holding you back, but once your birthday rolls around, you want to be able to spread those eagle wings and soar.

On Thursday, stay alert for someone intent on pushing your buttons. A tense opposition between fair-minded Venus in your sign and disruptive Uranus in your partnership corner could put a strain on a personal relationship, be it professional or romantic. Forget about playing it cool; instigator Uranus could make you feel scrappier than usual. But it’s still worth seeking a way to approach the other party without letting all that bottled-up anger erupt.

Unforeseen support could arrive this Saturday as your co-ruler Mars aligns with stabilizing Saturn in your foundational fourth house. You’re always there for your inner circle, Scorpio, so why do you hesitate to turn to them when you need a helping hand or shoulder to lean on? If you feel stuck or a little down this weekend, don’t isolate yourself. Reach out to a couple people you trust implicitly—for all you know, one of them might have an idea that can lift you up or save you hours of wasted time or energy. Just make sure you have enough privacy when the world becomes a little much.

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