Aries Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 20 – 2 6, 2021

Pause for a cause—namely, YOU! On Monday, September 20, the only Pisces full moon of the year lands in your internally focused twelfth house, which is either an invite or a mandate to slow down and catch your breath. You’ve been on a productivity tear with the Sun in your hard-working zone and your ruler Mars zipping through goal-oriented Libra. But this intuitive and compassionate full moon is a special opportunity to turn inward and loosen the connection (er, obsession?) with the trappings of external success. More rewarding will be activities like meditation, making art and doing anything in nature. Give your analytical left brain a rest! These next two weeks are ideal to tune in to your muse and higher self for inspired creation. Slow down enough and you could be rewarded with some divine downloads or useful insight from your guides. If you’re ready to release something (or someone) that’s been holding you back, set a deadline and take the necessary action. Give thanks for what you learned—but no clinging! It’s time to move on with your life, steeped in the confidence that you can navigate any potentially difficult changes.

Wednesday kicks off your personal cuffing season as the radiant and irresistible Sun beams into your opposite sign of Libra and your seventh house of partnerships. This can be a romantic reboot regardless of your relationship status! Single Rams will be walking catnip to a wide-range of types. This four-week cycle is actually ideal for any dynamic duo or joint venture, from a budding business connection to something far steamier. If it’s romance you’re looking for, stick to your high your standards! Obviously, don’t bring up “long-range goals” on the first date, but it IS fair game to ask a few direct questions about their vision for their future so you can rule out anyone who’s 180 degrees away from you! Couples can strengthen their bond during between now and October 23, especially if you’re ready to talk exclusivity or cohabitation. Note: YOU might have to take the initiative!

Watch your wallet on Thursday, Aries—AND your urge to indulge in retail therapy! With luxury-loving Venus facing off with free-range Uranus across your financial axis, you might not be in full control of your impulses. Curveball-throwing Uranus has been known to lob unexpected expenses your way. Even fun expenditures can seriously ding your bank account, and if you’re trying to save for a big EOY vacation or another large-ticket item, you could set yourself way back. So before you whip out your credit card, sleep on it. And if you truly CAN’T resist it, make sure you’re getting the best possible deal.

For Rams still searching for their soulmate, get your A game on this Saturday, when a galvanizing alignment of frisky Mars and stabilizing Saturn could bring a sizzling attraction of opposites. With the planet of speed is synced up with the planet of caution, you could strike gold, whether you’re seeking angel funding for your start-up or a love connection. Multiply your chances of finding the right person by being a little more liberal in your search criteria. With discerning Saturn in your zone of community and technology, you might meet your match at an invite-only event or a Zoom room. Even if you only know the host, you could wind up with a few intriguing new contacts!

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