Cancer Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 20 – 2 6, 2021

Sometimes, o’ compassionate one, you hold in your vital truth out of fear it might hurt someone. But how much are YOU suffering by repressing this? You’ll have an opportunity to test these waters on Monday, September 20, when the year’s only Pisces full moon fires up your unedited ninth house. This is your zone of candor and doing what’s in your heart (even if it’s not “popular”). And as long as you don’t set out to wound anyone, this exercise in honesty could be a very good thing for your accommodating sign. Ignoring your feelings may feel safer, but when you don’t give them oxygen, they will fester and get distorted. As you practice speaking your mind, keep your Crab claws retracted. Express yourself in “I” language, not laying blame but letting people know how their words or actions hurt you. Just stay mindful so that you don’t unwittingly burn a bridge you may want to traverse in the future. And since Pisces is the romantic poet of the zodiac, what comes pouring out under these moonbeams could include a confession of affection. If there’s nothing to lose and only to gain, then gush with abandon!

Second only to Cancer season for you is Libra season, when the life-giving Sun blazes into your domestic fourth house, the chart sector associated with your homey sign! Starting this Wednesday, you’ll have four weeks to do as you please to your home and IN your home! Have you been visualizing a makeover—or make-under? If there’s mess or clutter anywhere, start by clearing that out so you can see what you have to work with. Be sure to get roomies’ blessings before you knock down any walls or hang any questionable artwork. This is also a perfect month for hunkering down, cooking more and sharing your “yield” with your favorite peeps. But don’t try to do too much too fast. Completing small, manageable projects will build confidence for the more ambitious undertakings.

Being moody is part of being a Cancer, but try to keep a lid on your emotions this Thursday as loving Venus in your romantic corner faces off with unruly Uranus in your social sector. Could a friend be jealous of your love interest—or interested in YOU? Spend less time worrying about others and more on your own feelings, which could run from hot to tepid to ice-cold in a matter of minutes. To the extent possible, step back and disengage, reminding yourself that cooler heads will prevail later in the week.

Domestic matters take on more gravitas on Saturday, when driven Mars in Libra syncs up with stabilizing Saturn in Aquarius and your eighth house of shared resources. Since both planets are in houses associated with real estate, thoughts might turn to buying (or selling) property or pooling funds with friends on a place that you can rent out as an Airbnb. For coupled Cancers, talks could turn serious. Mars spurs action while Saturn focuses on long-term matters. From moving in together to putting bling on it to merging money, get it all out in the open and discuss!

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