Lauren Boebert Thinks Tylenol And COVID Vaccines Work The Same Way

Rep. Lauren Boebert was trying to spread misinformation about COVID vaccines and instead used Tylenol to show her lack of intelligence.

Boebert tweeted:

COVID Vaccines And Tylenol Aren’t The Same Thing

Rep. Boebert (R-CO) was spreading some deceptive and really dumb disinformation about the vaccine. The vaccine works if you get it. The vaccine doesn’t require some sort of community activation.

The vaccine isn’t like Tylenol. One does not take Tylenol to prevent a headache but to treat the symptoms of a headache or pain.

The COVID vaccine is taken to lessen the possibility of getting COVID, and if a vaccinated person does get COVID, the vaccine helps to lessen symptoms if a person contracts a breakthrough infection.

Boebert was suggesting that the vaccine doesn’t work, which is a false statement, and it is hard to believe that someone so intellectually deficient is a member of Congress.

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