Taurus Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 20 – 2 6, 2021

Take a victory lap, Bull—and bring your co-conspirators along for the ride! You could be celebrating a job well done as early as Monday, September 20, when the year’s only Pisces full moon illuminates your eleventh house of teamwork and group activities. No one summits without the support of colleagues and people who believe in them. So if you are feting a major win, be sure to show your appreciation for everyone who contributed to your success. Even if there’s nothing noteworthy to acknowledge, this is a perfect excuse to gather divergent friends and watch what unfolds as synergies emerge. Since full moons signal completions and turning points, this could be your moment to say bye to a certain social group. No need for any dramatic announcements. Just some heartfelt thanks (if they’re in order) as you quietly phase yourself out of the action. Since the eleventh house is your tech zone, these next two weeks—peak manifesting time—are great for updating software or getting that new slick device you’ve been eyeing. But make your move before trickster Mercury turns retrograde on September 27.

While you generally opt for comfort over sacrifice, starting Wednesday, you might be ready to whip your life into shape, regardless of what “suffering” is involved! The Sun kicks off its annual monthlong march through Libra and your sixth house of healthy living. No one’s making you shift into boot camp mode, but since this solar power surge only lasts four weeks, there’s not much time to waste. But do it Taurus-style! Don’t dive horns-first into the deep end; ease into new lifestyle habits that you will not only enjoy but can stick with. A simple first step: Replace everything in your fridge and pantry that doesn’t support your greener intentions with foods that do. Find ways to get a little movement in on a daily basis, whether walking, biking or becoming a regular at the gym or yoga studio. Then commit to regular workout dates and plug them into your calendar just like you would a massage appointment or exciting date.

Stay on guard for a relationship that’s threatening to derail before your very eyes. Thanks to the once-a-year opposition of amorous Venus (in your dynamic-duos zone) and obstreperous Uranus in your sign this Thursday, someone might start acting unpredictably for “no reason.” Worse, it might feel impossible to communicate with them directly. You may not get the real story, at least not immediately, so if you feel like the walls are starting to close in on you, remove yourself from the action. You probably can’t have a reasonable conversation—yet—so remind yourself that this is a short-lived incident and then do your best to ride it out. But if you realize you need to make some shifts, initiate an honest conversation about how to bring that about in a mutually satisfying way.

On Saturday, motivated Mars aligns with stabilizing Saturn in your houses of hard work and professional success. An influencer may notice your efforts and take you under their wing. Or you might just tap into Mars’ proactive energy and leap instead of waiting to be asked. Got some big goals? Create lofty benchmarks that you’ll accomplish before the year is through. Think big and bold—and be sure to capture it in writing or on a vision board. Then, lean in to Saturn’s planning powers and work your way back from the end zone. What milestones would you need to achieve along the way? Mapping out the steps in reverse will make the journey look easier than you think.

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