Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 20 – 2 6, 2021

Bring on the dynamic duos—and pour your heart and soul into them! Monday, September 20, is a momentous day for Virgos because it marks the year’s only full moon in loving Pisces and your seventh house of committed partnerships. Full moons signal completions or turning points, so depending on the actual status of your relationship, this lunar lift can spark some interesting developments. Single? Look for any self-imposed blocks and set an intention to work through them, even as you redouble your efforts on the dating front. Being more vulnerable could attract someone with a similar sensitivity, setting up a nice beginning. Under the glow of this full moon, couples may feel ready to go deeper, whether that means sharing something you’ve considered “too risky” to reveal or talking about next steps. Sprinkling more romance into your daily interactions couldn’t hurt, either. You might need to take the lead on this, but if you make the right moves, bae should be more than happy to follow!

Virgo birthday season comes to an end on Wednesday, but in that “one door closes” kind of way, another is poised to open! The Sun leaves your sign but relocates to Libra and your second house of money and security for the next four weeks. This is your annual high season for reviewing your finances and focusing on your bottom line. Libra’s future-focused “cardinal” energy is perfect for setting new goals, especially some that involve upscale improvements and spoiling your closest peeps. Between now and October 23, el Sol will be shining its high beams on your income, money management and all those practical matters that your analytical brain loves to dive into. If a little belt-tightening is in order, you’ll happily sacrifice now for long-term security and happiness. How can you bring in more money: increase your rate, discuss the possibility of a raise with your boss, monetize a hobby or talent? Even if you’re content with the status quo, this is a perfect cycle for doing some longer-range projections to keep you on track AND motivated.

Pay attention to strong emotions and reactions that arise on Thursday. Diplomatic Venus in your communication corner has a message to deliver, but it’s facing off with unruly Uranus in your house of unvarnished truth. Before you blurt out whatever pops into your head, stop and think through potential ramifications. Honesty is an admirable policy, but is it worth hurting someone’s feelings—or possibly burning a bridge? Focus on the point you’re trying to make and find a way to express it without diminishing any egos.

Did a passion project stall or get back-burnered because of more pressing issues? It could spring back to life almost magically this Saturday as impassioned Mars syncs up with structured Saturn, both in your houses of work, organization and moola! Not only could reviving this make you happy—it might just make you rich! Note, this transit calls for discernment, which luckily your sign has in spades. But uncharacteristically, you might be feeling rash and eager to hit the gas. You can—the minute you have all your ducks in a row.

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