Federal Judge Says Some 1/6 Defendants “Morphed Into Terrorists”

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan said that some of the defendants in the Capitol attack “morphed into terrorists.”

Judge Sullivan said:


Judge Sullivan’s comments are fair. There are some, like the Proud Boys, who there is evidence that they came to the Capitol with the intention of violence, but there are others who went to DC to protest because Trump called them there and at some point became radicalized and attacked the Capitol.

The arrested Capitol attack defendants aren’t political prisoners as House Republicans like Louie Gohmert and Marjorie Taylor Greene claim. These people are criminals, and as Judge Sullivan said, some of these criminals morphed into terrorists.

The next time that a Republican waxes on about the people who are in jail for the Capitol attack keeping in mind that they are supporting terrorists.

If these people morphed into terrorists, who radicalized them?

It is a question that the 1/6 Committee is examining, and it is likely to lead straight to Donald Trump.

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