Matt Gaetz Is Preparing For A Criminal Trial As Prosecutors Weigh Grave Charges

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) hasn’t been criminally charged yet, because prosecutors are weighing a wide range of charges, but Gaetz is preparing for trial.

It Is Normal That Matt Gaetz Has Not Been Charged Yet

According to The Daily Beast:

In fact, legal experts told The Daily Beast, the perceived lull is nothing outside the norm and can be chalked up to a number of factors—including a wide range of charges that investigators could be exploring. Although Gaetz and his allies like to interpret the lack of charges as an indication of innocence, the delays could just as easily suggest that the charges that could be coming down the pike are extremely grave and complex.


Former federal prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks shared that interpretation.

“The fact he’s hiring trial lawyers would suggest that they are preparing for a trial, not a negotiation. “

Nothing Should Be Read Into Matt Gaetz Not Being Charged Yet

As with Donald Trump, the delay in criminally charging Matt Gaetz does not suggest innocence but the potential seriousness and complexity of the charges that are likely coming.

If  Matt Gaetz really believed that he did nothing wrong, he would not have hired an entire fleet of criminal defense lawyers to represent him.

Just in phone and witness evidence alone, prosecutors appear to have a lot of evidence, but the question is they are facing now is which criminal charges are most likely to lead to a conviction?

Even as Gaetz has traipsed around the country on a sedition tour with Marjorie Taylor Greene, his legal problems have continued to move forward.

Just like Trump, Gaetz could be facing criminal charges by the end of the year.  The political career of Matt Gaetz may be over soon, and his career as an incarcerated sex criminal may be coming soon.

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