Senate Republicans Carry Out Act Of Political Terrorism And Vote To Blow Up The US Economy

In an act of political terrorism, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans unanimously voted in favor of blowing up the US economy.

Senate Republicans Vote To Destroy America

As Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) put it:

Of course, the mainstream media is soft-selling the Republican vote to destroy the economy:

As usual, the corporate media are happily playing the role of stenographer, and not reporting on the consequences of what Senate Republicans chose to do.

If a default occurs the economy will plunge back into recession, and 4.5 million Americans will lose their jobs, which is an unbelievable act of intentional cruelty considering that millions of Americans already lost their jobs due to the last Republican president’s intentional neglect of the panemic.

Senate Republicans are engaging in political terrorism.

Senate Republicans have made no demands. They do not want to negotiate on the debt ceiling. They haven’t listed any priorities. The Republican goal is to damage the US economy and cause the American people pain for political gain.

Democrats will not cave to the terrorists. Osama Bin McConnell will wear the government default around his own neck and the necks of Senate Republicans as they head into the 2022 election.

Republicans voted to intentionally harm their own constituents. They voted for businesses to close, and people to lose their jobs. They voted for eviction, poverty, homelessness, and despair.

America can’t let the Senate GOP terrorists win.

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