Billy Bob Thornton and ‘Goliath’ cast on ending the series

“I loved playing that character, which is very similar to me,” Thornton told CNN in a recent interview. “I kind of just rolled out of bed everyday and went out and did it as if I were a lawyer in LA.”

The Amazon Prime series about a down-and-out attorney and his quest for redemption is in its fourth and final season. McBride and friends are taking on “Big Pharma,” which Thornton said felt right.

“Billy is not the type, I am not the type who likes the idea of big corporations telling us how we should live our lives,” he said. “I’m really happy that that was the final season because I think the evolution worked out perfectly.”

Nina Arianda, who plays McBride’s close friend and colleague, Patty Solis-Papagian, told CNN the ending of the series was “bittersweet.” She said she hopes audiences “enjoy the conclusion.”

“I hope we bring a real sense of justice especially with the topic that we’re dealing with this season, which is the opioid crisis in America,” she said. “You want to just all have a communal hug with the people who have been with you for four seasons.”

Tania Raymonde, who plays sex worker and McBride’s assistant Brittany Gold, said “We’ve lived in the skin of these messed up, dysfunctional people for so long…it’s like a sad goodbye.”

“But I’m very proud of the show, of course,” Raymonde said. “And also I think this last season is so good, if it’s going to have to end this is a good way to finish it off.”

Thornton, too, is proud of the work the cast has done and is pleased with how audiences have embraced the show.

If it looks easy, there’s a reason.

“It was a real joy to be able to play someone that you really understood,” Thornton said.

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