MAGA Fan Behind Arizona Audit Crushes Yet Another Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory

The conspiracy theorist who handled the Republican-led audit of the 2020 election results in Arizona, which confirmed Joe Biden’s victory, is throwing cold water on yet another wild claim embraced by Donald Trump supporters.

Right-wing media says Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan called to “decertify” the election as a result of his findings in Maricopa County, where the audit was conducted, in a secret report that was ultimately scrapped.

Logan said that’s not the case at all, telling The Arizona Republic that the report “is not one I ever wrote, nor was it ever part of our drafts reviewed with the Senate.” 

He added: “No copy of the Executive Summary written by me ever directly stated the election should not be certified or should be decertified.”

Logan’s firm actually found that Biden won by a slightly larger margin than is reflected in the county’s official results.

There is no process for “decertifying” the election, and multiple recounts, audits and investigations have found no evidence to back Trump’s wild conspiracy theories about the election, which he lost.

Logan’s firm was hired by Arizona Republican leaders to conduct the audit despite serious questions about the company’s methods and lack of experience ― as well as the fact that Logan himself had shared conspiracy theories about the election.

The company also refused basic transparency measures and earlier this month refused a court order to turn over documents related to its effort.

That’s led to widespread criticism ― including from Republicans. 

“They’re in it for the money,” former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods, a Republican, said on CNN over the weekend. “It is a grift. There’s a lot of grifters we have been exposed to. I was attorney general for years. I dealt with grifters every day. This is how they act.”

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