Tom Cotton Goes Off On Deranged Rant And Claims Senate Shadow Docket Is A Conspiracy

Sen. Tom Cotton wants to run for president in 2024, so he claimed that a Senate hearing on the Supreme Court’s shadow docket is a conspiracy.

Video of Cotton:

Cotton claimed that the shadow docket was needed to stop radical leftist governors who wanted to keep marijuana shops open but close churches with COVID restrictions. He claimed that Democrats are trying to block Christians from going to church, and then he thought that the Senate hearing itself was a conspiracy to distract from the Women’s Health Protection Act that the House recently passed.

Sen. Cotton ignored the fact that Democrats don’t have to create a distraction from their passage of legislation protecting women’s health because the right to choose is very popular.

It is the Republicans like Tom Cotton who need to create a distraction to hide the unpopular and authoritarian policies that he is pushing.

Sen. Cotton was throwing a Republican primary word salad. The key for Cotton is for people to react to the buzzwords emotionally and not pay attention to what he is saying.

Cotton had no point. His remarks were a mixture of outrage, gibberish, and paranoia. The only thing that Sen. Cotton accomplished was making it clear that he wants to run for president in 2024.


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