Campaign Launched To Primary Krysten Sinema

Nuestro PAC has launched a campaign to draft Rep Reuben Gallego to run as a Democratic primary challenger to Sen. Krysten Sinema (D-AZ).

Nuestro PAC  said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “Nuestro PAC announced today the launch of a draft campaign called “Run Ruben Run” to draft Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego to challenge incumbent Senator Kyrsten Sinema in the 2024 Democratic primary. The Run Ruben Run campaign aims to create the infrastructure to help Congressman Gallego challenge Senator Sinema by building a base of support, so his campaign is ready to run on day one.”

A Primary Challenger Against Sinema Would Be Very Popular With Democrats

Sinema has earned a serious primary challenge with her obstructionist behavior and refusal to represent the will of her constituents. Democrats complain about Sen. Joe Manchin, but Manchin is at least willing to negotiate, and his positions are understandable given his status as the only statewide elected Democrat in deep-red West Virginia.

Sen. Sinema has no such excuse as a Chuck Rocha of Nuestro PAC noted, she isn’t representative of her constituency, “If Kyrsten Sinema won’t vote to protect voting rights, raise the minimum wage, support President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda or eliminate the filibuster, we need to replace her with someone who will.

Latinos helped deliver two Democrats to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate and won the state for President Biden in 2020. Despite Latinos making up over 30% of the state’s population, Arizona has never elected a Latino to statewide federal office. We can change that by electing Congressman Gallego, a Latino Marine corps combat veteran who has a track record of fighting to advance our community’s interests.”

Sinema is acting in her own political self-interest and needs to be reminded of who she is supposed to be working for.

Sen. Sinema believes that by moving to the right she can innoculate herself from Republican attacks and keep her seat. What she doesn’t realize is that Republicans are going to come after her in 2024 no matter what she does, and with the support of Democrats in Arizona and nationally, she has no chance of winning.

A primary challenge is a good reminder to Sinema that opposing voting rights, the filibuster, and the Build Back Better agenda is the fast track to losing a Democratic primary.

If Sen. Sinema won’t represent Democrats, Arizona Democrats will find someone else who will.

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