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MONTH OF September

Keep the adventures going a little longer, Capricorn! Summer doesn’t officially end until the fall equinox on September 22, and lucky you: The Sun is in Virgo and your adventurous, open-hearted ninth house until then. Squeeze in some last-minute travel (safely) or debut one of your more trailblazing projects, especially while courageous Mars is in Virgo through September 14.


After the 22nd, you’ll take a more measured pace since the Sun will move into Libra and your structured tenth house—the zodiac zone ruled by Capricorn. You’ll feel more like yourself now, but hey, stepping out of character is good for the soul, yours in particular! What new ideas did you have during your walk on the wild side? One may have real potential worth pursuing.


But no need to rush, Cap. This whole month, all five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are retrograde, an opportunity to course correct and evaluate your plans through a sensible lens. With Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and contracts, turning retrograde from September 27 to October 18, you might as well delay any crucial decisions until Halloween if possible. And if you can’t, then be sure you REALLY think through all the pros and cons, in both the short and long term. How will a decision affect you in a few weeks? How about in a few years? Give yourself as much time as possible to weigh these outcomes before you settle on a path.



The Sun is in Virgo until September 22

Widen your viewfinder, Capricorn—and to the broadest settings possible! The Sun is in Virgo and your ninth house of travel, expansion and risk-taking. You’re ready to step out of any restrictive boxes and color outside the lines a bit more. While your ability to leave city limits may be hampered by health restrictions, there are plenty of ways you can invite more novelty and experimentation into your world. Your curious mind is primed for novelty and is eager to learn. Many Caps will be in full-on “back-to-school” mode, signing up for workshops or other mind-expanding and metaphysical offerings.


Mars is busy in the first week of September

The truth shall set you free? Well sure, as long as people don’t misinterpret your messaging! Revved-up Mars is in Virgo and your outspoken ninth house until September 14, making you extra candid. Your usual stoic Sea Goat persona could be nowhere in sight. It’s refreshing to say (and for others to hear) what you actually think. This Mars cycle actually prompts you to take more risks and even a calculated gamble on a project related to teaching, learning or global connections.


Mars will make two key contacts in the first few days of September that could have a strong impact. On September 2, no matter how clear you think you’re being, you may miscalculate your goal or read the room incorrectly. You can thank foggy Neptune for the scrambled signals: Throughout the day it will oppose Mars, making everyone (you included) extra prone to distraction and confusion. Keeping things TOO real could hurt a colleague or friend’s feelings. Slow down, be tactful and explain yourself a few extra times to be sure they truly get you. If you’re considering a business venture, get all the facts and figures before you go all in.


On September 6, however, success comes from saying yes to an idea, aiming at your target and then releasing your arrow. A potent trine between action-oriented Mars in your visionary ninth house and revolutionary Pluto in your sign calls for a different, more spontaneous way of doing things. So what if you don’t hit the bull’s-eye? You’ll have gotten things going in record time—and by acting so boldly out of character, you may wind up leaving your competition in the dust.


The September 6 Virgo new moon reveals thrilling possibilities

The September 6 Virgo new moon puts the wind in your sails, launching you into outspoken and fearless terrain. As these moonbeams illuminate your ninth house of long-distance connections, learning and entrepreneurship, new possibilities present themselves. Where would you like to grow most, both personally and professionally? This new moon could attract the perfect teachers and resources for that. A golden trine from revolutionary Uranus in your passionate fifth house could also attract fame and fearless self-expression. If there was ever a day to go big and bold, this is it. For those planning to debut a cutting-edge project or pitch an out-there idea, this new moon (and its trine to Uranus) amplifies your powers of persuasion and helps you captivate your audience.


Mars enters Libra on September 14, charging up your career

To the top! On September 14, energizer Mars begins its biennial blaze through Libra, heating up your tenth house of career and success. When the red planet arrives here, everything speeds up, which can increase stress and excitement in equal measure. Work could be demanding as the fall season begins, with long hours and short turnaround times. But on the upside, you’ll make strides that can help you close out the year with more stability and prosperity—rich rewards during these uncertain times.


The tenth house is the zone of leadership and public image, and with Mars here, you can rise to major prominence. With a higher rank will come more responsibility. And even though Capricorns rarely resist the call of duty, make sure you’re 100 percent clear on what will be expected of you before you sign on.



The Pisces full moon on September 20 brings news and opens communication channels

If there’s any day to commune with your people, it’s the September 20 full moon in Pisces, which will beam into your third house of communication and community. Although the actual full moon is on a Monday, you could host a Sunday-night gathering—or tell everyone to meet at a favorite park or watering hole. Make the rounds, catch up with your crew, and do it all in one fell swoop. Bonus: You might just play superconnector (or Cupid!), introducing some of your favorite folks to each other. Who knows where that could lead?


Libra season starts September 22

Zero in on your goals starting September 22, when the Sun moves into Libra and your tenth house of status, professional pursuits and leadership. The blue-sky dreaming of Virgo season gives way to revved-up ambition, with clear goals and milestones mapped out. Since Capricorn is the natural ruler of the zodiac’s tenth house, you feel most in your element here. But don’t abandon all those adventurous ideas you came up with! While you may need to start with a scaled-down version, keep plenty of passion in those practical plans.


Mercury is retrograde in Libra on September 27

On September 27, Mercury—ruler of communicatioclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” n, technology and travel—makes its last retrograde of 2021 through Libra and your stable, professional tenth house. Mercury will backtrack until October 18, which can serve up annoying stuff like data crashes, foiled travel plans and crossed conversational wires. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so in advance of this, be sure to back up all your important files and devices, especially if they’re work-related. Tension and misunderstandings can spike, especially with coworkers. Plan on being extra patient with your teammates and, if possible, hold off on any launches or contract signings until this signal-scrambling pivot ends.


With the love planets, Venus and Mars, swaggering through Libra and your tenth house of career and public attention, you’ll be attracted to successful, focused people and eager to surround yourself with folks who motivate you and help you ascend. Venus is here until September 10, and Mars picks up the mantle on September 14, visiting Libra through October 30.


If you’re single, don’t be afraid to set your sights high. Sparks could fly with a colleague or someone you meet at a professional event. If you’re clear on what you want in a partner and a relationship, don’t settle for less than 90 percent of that. Save yourself precious time (and much frustration) by screening out candidates who aren’t on your level after the first or second date. Thank you, next!


Attached? You’re in “power couple” mode, so dress up and go make moves together. You can inspire others to be THEIR best selves and believe in their ability to create a loving, supportive bond. Make sure there’s a healthy give-and-take, and if there isn’t, discuss how you can rebalance the scales. This is your future-oriented zone, so it makes sense that you’re wondering about next steps, whether officializing your status or perhaps going into business together. Start the conversation, but don’t create unnecessary pressure to figure out everything NOW. Let the story unfold organically!


Luckily, some playfulness is also in the air. On September 10, Venus moves on to Scorpio and your social, lighter-hearted eleventh house. Some of the “commitment stress” may wane, though not entirely with the red planet still there, and you’ll be happy catching up with platonic pals. Single? A love interest could emerge from your pack, so be open-minded about people you never thought about “that way.” Ask friends to introduce you to compatible people in their network, or download a new dating app and upload new photos and a fresh profile. Over the next three weeks, challenge yourself to stay present and welcoming of kindred spirits. Someone who’s not your usual “type” on the outside could turn out to be a surprisingly solid match!




Time to launch those big dreams, Capricorn! With motivator Mars in Virgo and your expansive ninth house until September 14, the first half of the month could spark your entrepreneurial spirit, especially at the September 6 Virgo new moon. Even if you’re not ready to hang the startup shingle or become part of the “Great Resignation” of people quitting their day jobs, it’s certainly prime time to take a bold risk. Maybe you ask for a hybrid schedule with your desired days of on-site and remote work. Perhaps you test the waters of your indie business dreams with a small side hustle. 


Do it on the early side of the month because on September 14, Mars moves into Libra and your more buttoned-up and corporate tenth house, followed by the Sun on September 22. There won’t be as much time to explore and experiment as you’re likely to have a lot of big responsibilities that will take top priority. Make sure to back up all your important work files before Mercury turns retrograde in Libra on September 27, which could cause chaos and communication breakdowns. The September 20 Pisces full moon could bring exciting news or a long-awaited answer, possibly on something you’ve been working toward since mid-March 2021. A kindred spirit could pop up. Test your chemistry on a small project together and see if the stars align for something more formalized!


Love Days: 24, 29

Money Days: 8, 17

Luck Days: 6, 15

Off Days: 26, 4, 13









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