Jen Psaki Goes Off After NYT Suggests Biden Is Like Trump

A New York Times reporter tried to push the claim that Biden is pulling from Trump’s playbook and Jen Psaki unloaded.

Psaki was asked, “There has been a number of issues in the last say several weeks in which allies of the president are describing him as trump like. Less in terms of his personality but in terms of policy. Even today representing the Cuban government describing the frustration with the president continuing to maintain Trump era policies mainly Cuba. What is the president’s reaction? Does he accept in some areas of policy he is, in agreement with the former president?”

The White House Press Secretary was not having it:

So, look. I could take each one of these on Afghanistan. The former president struck a deal without the Afghan government that we heard the military convey yesterday leading to the demoralization of the Afghan security forces and the Afghan government. We also released 5000 Taliban fighters into Afghanistan. I would say the president took a pretty different approach and that ending the war the former president did not end the American people strongly supports.

 As it relates to August I’m not sure what that is what they are referring to, they are comparing the present working to partners? Australia, the United Kingdom to come to an agreement that would help provide security in an important part of the world. In the indo-pacific. A priority for getting out of the war in Afghanistan leaves space for us to spend more time addressing. What was the last one? Immigration? 


 Title 42 is a public health, is a public health requirement. A, because we are in the middle of a pandemic, by the way, we would have made progress on had the former president actually address the pandemic and not suggested people inject bleach. I think we are in a different place. I am happy to discuss more examples. I think people would be hard-pressed to argue the president has taken any aspect of the former president’s playbook and use it as a model of his own.

Corporate Media Is Desperate For Trump To Come Back

Trump elevated corporate media like The Washington Post and New York Times by constantly attacking them Both newspapers have seen double-digit drops in traffic without Trump around to constantly boost their profits by using them as a foil.

The Times has been pushing the nonsense that Biden is like Trump for weeks.

Jen Psaki shot it down with the moment that Trump will always be remembered for. Trump told Americans to inject bleach. Trump sowed the seeds of the ongoing pandemic with his lies and disinformation, and Trump is the reason why the nation is still struggling.

Joe Biden is not anything like Donald Trump.

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