Ted Cruz Thinks Men Should Be Allowed To Make Vaccine “Choice,” But Women Can’t Control Their Own Bodies

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) praised NBA players who refuse to get vaccinated but supports taking away the same healthcare right to choose from women.

Cruz tweeted:

Ted Cruz Doesn’t Think That Women Deserve The Same Choice

Cruz said about Texas’s 20-week abortion ban, “House Bill 2 is an important step that will strengthen protections of innocent, unborn life and improve the safety and health of Texas women.”

How does denying women access to healthcare improve their health and safety?

The answer is that it doesn’t, just like supporting NBA players not to get vaccinated threatens the health and safety of everyone around them.

Shorter Ted Cruz: Your Body Your Choice Is Only For Men

The message is clear. The phrase your body, your choice only applies to men. In the view of men like Ted Cruz women can’t be trusted to make their own health care decisions have control of their own bodies, so they have to be denied control over their own healthcare by men like Ted Cruz.

Sen. Cruz’s comments touch on the hypocrisy of a Republican Party that claims to be about personal responsibility and freedom, but what they don’t tell you is that they believe that freedom is only for people who look like them.


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