Jen Psaki Turns The Tables And Nails Republicans For Not Supporting Infrastructure

Republicans have had an easy time of it as the media has focused on Democrats, but Jen Psaki reminded the press that Republicans could also support the infrastructure bill.

Video of Psaki:

Psaki said, “Every member of Congress is a free citizen who could vote to support this infrastructure bill, including Republicans. They could come support it. Instead, they have chosen to be influenced or strong-armed by their leadership. It’s just a majority to support legislation in Congress, and we haven’t seen any real courage there in the House.”

The White House Press Secretary later brought up House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy whipping against the bill:

Psaki said later in the same press briefing when asked if Speaker Pelosi is looking for Republican votes to pass infrastructure, “19 senators voted for the infrastructure bill and support a bipartisan infrastructure path forward, and there’s been Republicans in the House that express support or interest in the infrastructure bill, but Kevin McCarthy has been whipping against it. It’s a good question for him as to why and why these members oppose it, but I think Speaker Pelosi isn’t betting on the caucus at this time.”

Republicans Have Gotten A Free Pass For Opposing Very Popular Infrastructure Legislation.

Press Secretary Psaki raised a great point. There is nothing stopping Republicans from voting for infrastructure if they wanted to. They clearly don’t want to but will be happy to take the credit for whatever popular measures that Democrats will pass back in their states and districts.

The media should be asking Republicans why they oppose something that so many Americans want instead of mischaracterizing the process to frame it as a Democrat versus Democrat conflict.

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