Justice Sotomayor Rejects Request To Block New York School Vaccine Mandate

Justice Sonia Sotomayor rejected a request to block New York City’s public school vaccine mandate for teachers.

CNN reported:

Sotomayor did not refer the request to the other Supreme Court justices or comment on her action, likely signaling they agreed with her decision. In August, Justice Amy Coney Barrett likewise rejected an effort to block Indiana University’s vaccine mandate.

In court papers, lawyers for the teachers argued that New York City, as well as the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, have placed an “unconstitutional burden” on public school teachers. They wanted the high court to block the mandate while the appeals process played out.

The teachers claimed that their due process and equal protection rights under the Constitution were being violated, but New York City as the employer of the teachers, has a legal right to set the terms and conditions of their employment.

Employees are not going to be able to sue to get vaccine mandates overturned. New York is requiring any teachers that refuse to get vaccinated to go on unpaid leave for a year.

It is frightening that any teacher would want to spread COVID or possibly get sick themselves and die because they refuse to get vaccinated.

There are other states that don’t require a vaccination. If a teacher does not want to be vaccinated, they can go teach in Florida, Texas, or Mississippi, because New York City doesn’t want unvaccinated teachers.

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