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Get the word out, Leo! The Sun is flitting through Libra and your social and innovative third house until October 22, turning you into quite the maven this month. Not only is your schedule packed with events, pitch meetings and gatherings, but you’ve got a million ideas swirling through your mind—ones you’re eager to share. 


Luckily, you won’t have to look far for an audience. Synergistic sparks fly during Libra season, and you could meet kindred spirits at every turn. The October 6 Libra new moon is especially favorable to launch a project or partnership. Consider partnering up on a trial project or two to test your chemistry. Under these experimental skies, you never know!


With go-getter Mars in Libra, that dynamic duo energy could ignite fast. But careful: Communication and technology planet Mercury is retrograde until October 18, which could cause a blossoming bond to go bust if you push things too fast. Don’t skip the essential “getting to know you” process, even if you feel an instant connection.


There’s even more reason to take things a step at a time. Since mid-August, all five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) have been retrograde. This month, they start to turn direct (forward): Pluto on October 6, Saturn on October 10, Mercury and Jupiter on October 18. Everything from stalled career plans, sidelined health and fitness goals and relationship blocks could correct course now.


Ready to do a little nesting again? On October 22, the Sun moves into Scorpio and your domestic fourth house, kicking off a month that’s all about establishing deeper roots and readying your household for cooler months. But before you slide into fuzzy slippers and a plush microfiber robe, the October 20 Aries full moon illuminates your ninth house of travel and adventure. If you can sneak in a safe getaway, even for a night, do it! Since this full moon is on a Wednesday, it’s just as likely that it will deliver a burst of clarity around your higher purpose or an opportunity to make a bold move that’s far out of your comfort zone.

The Sun is in Libra until October 22


October is one of the liveliest and most social months for you, Leo, as the Sun makes its annual trip through Libra and your communicative third house until October 22. There’s nothing you love more than swapping stories with a kindred spirit (all right, maybe a few things…but it’s still high on the list!) as you share a decadent treat or walk around and window shop. If you’re not talking about everything from your latest favorite TV series and “oh my god you have to try it” organic skincare line to whether life exists on other planets, you’ll be devouring books, podcasts and blogs that feed your need for fresh intel. Hello, hungry Lion!


And like a true cub, you need to romp and play. Let your inner event planner have a field day during Libra season, hosting little parties or rallying the troops for excursions. Hit the fall festivals (safety precautions in place) and gather your friends (and their friends).


Dynamic duos are revved up even more because energizer Mars is in Libra until October 30, a biennial blaze that heats up exciting dialogue and gets you pumped to pair up. You might collaborate on a project that stokes your creative fires or become the spokesperson championing a worthy cause. Since the third house rules neighborhoods, community activism could call your name. Politics, including local campaigns, could be compelling to leadership-driven Leos.


Before you light any roaring fires, though, a warning: Mars adds excitement and stress in equal doses. With aggressive Mars in your communication house, you can come across as pushy or combative if you’re not careful. And since Mercury’s retrograde in Libra until October 18, you’ll need to be even MORE cautious. Rather than deliver your message quite so emphatically, first see if it gets through with a slightly gentler tone. In Libra, Mars is in “detriment,” a weakened position because the warrior planet isn’t comfortable hanging out in the sign of peace. It could be hard to get in sync or find the right tone.

The October 6 Libra new moon brings exciting news and conversations

Got something to announce, a message you want to share? The stars hand you the mic on October 6, when the year’s only Libra new moon sparks your third house of communication and ideas. With Mars exactly conjunct this new moon, today could bring an inspiring conversation, big news or an opportunity to join forces with a kindred spirit. Who knows what you can create when you put your heads together! No need to rush into anything too serious yet; test your chemistry on a small project and see how that goes. 


Your relationship with a sibling, neighbor or colleague could get a burst of renewal today. Feeling stuck in a limiting mindset? Keep your ears and eyes open for books, podcasts, classes and anything that can offer your brain a helpful new perspective. With six planets in air signs today, your social connections are especially potent. Look no further than your closest inner circle (and maybe their favorite people) for advice and recommendations on anything in your life that feels stuck!

Pluto also turns direct on October 6

Is the devil in the details? You may find out as soon as October 6, when transformational Pluto ends a five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your sixth house of health, organization and analytical thinking. Since April 27, Pluto’s been backing through this part of your chart, which might have driven up issues around control and micromanaging. Power struggles could have erupted, especially with employees or coworkers. If you’ve been dealing with anxiety or a health issue, it may have been hard to discern the cause with shadowy Pluto back-spinning like this. Chronic stress could have disrupted your sleep patterns or caused you to lapse into self-soothing habits like emotional eating.


Now with Pluto is resuming forward motion, you can corral the chaos and get to the root of what ails ya. Take a deep breath: You’ll be better able to manage people—and their dynamics—once Pluto straightens out. Have you been afraid to step into your power because you’re worried about pleasing others and being liked? No more! The dwarf planet’s course correction will help you get a better grip on mind-body-spirit balance. A nagging psychological or emotional issue may have been affecting your physical health. The link could soon become clear, putting you back on the path to wellness and vitality.

Saturn retrograde ends on October 10

Time to make things official? On October 10, structured Saturn wakes up from a four-and-a-half-month retrograde in your relationship house. Since May 22, the cosmic curmudgeon has been slogging through Aquarius, forcing you to take a hard look at your closest relationships. You may have done serious repair work on a few of those ties or possibly taken some distance from someone. Saturn rules maturity, so you might have learned a few important lessons that ultimately led to greater stability.


Now that Saturn’s back on track—and plodding steadily through Aquarius until March 2023—you can apply those hard-won lessons to all of your interpersonal affairs. Whether it’s a close friendship, a budding love connection or a long-term union, Saturn will help you make wiser choices. Have you been vacillating over whether to sign a contract or make a business partnership official? As Saturn corrects course, you’ll feel more confident saying yes—or no.

Jupiter and Mercury retrograde both end on October 18

You’ll have plenty of chances to make things official starting October 18, when bountiful Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in your opposite sign of Aquarius. Jupiter, the planet of growth and opportunity, has been soaring through your seventh house of committed relationships since December 19, 2020, making its once-every-12-years visit until December 28, 2021. 


This could be one of your luckiest—or at least most adventurous—years for partnerships in more than a decade. Some Leos will outgrow longtime mates while others might take the leap into more permanent arrangements: living together, engagement or marriage. In business, Jupiter could have served up thrilling alliances and contracts. Hello, dynamic duos! Withclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” action planet Mars making an energetic trine to Jupiter from your communication house, you could be sealing the deal at warp speed.


Back on June 20, Jupiter slowed down for its annual four-month retrograde, offering you a chance to reflect or correct course with an important person. If a relationship moved too quickly or started tclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” o overtake your life, you may have taken a step back. Or, like Leo-Leo supercouple Bennifer 2.0, you could be headed to the altar. 


Plus with Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, ending its three-week retrograde today, it will be much easier to discuss anything more openly, whether you’re hashing things out with a romantic partner, sibling, colleague or friend. 

The Aries full moon on October 20 illuminates travel, big ideas and entrepreneurship

Got a grand plan to share? October 20 is an auspicious day, and your efforts can really hit the mark. The year’s only full moon in Aries beams into your ninth house of luck, expansion and limitless possibilities. You’ll see the big picture clearly and be ready to take a risk. These moonbeams could bring opportunities to travel, study or start a business. A visionary concept you hatched six months ago may come to fruition now. If you’ve been unsure about whether or not to take a leap of faith, this full moon will give you the guts—and the gusto—to go for it. Look back to Aries new moon on April 11 for clues of what could manifest now.

Mars-Pluto square on October 22

Do your best to stay cool on October 22, when an exclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” plosive Mars-Pluto square provokes your critical side. With assertive Mars in your communication zone locked into this heated angle to intense Pluto in your controlling sixth house, you might feel attacked by someone’s critical words. Your own micromanaging could put someone else on the defensive, making them feel like you’re doubting their judgment. Ask questions before you fling any accusations.

Scorpio season starts October 22

Some much-needed downtime arrives on October 22, when the Sun shifts into Scorpio and your fourth house of home and family. It’s time to nest and rest—or at least to bring some balance back by attending to the more personal parts of your life.


The energy shifts in a homeward direction from October 22 on, as the Sun begins its annual foray through Scorpio and your domestic fourth house. Between now and November 21, you’re in nesting mode, focused on hearth and home. You crave solitude, downtime and nurturing company after the social frenzy of the last few weeks. Turn your attention to family, decorating, cooking and hosting close friends at Chateau Leo. And, since the fourth house rules all things feminine, women and children will play an especially important role this month. 


Looking for a new place to hang your hat or thinking of expanding your clan? With motivator Mars zipping through Scorpio from October 30 to December 13, your efforts could pick up speed at the end of the month.


With amorous Venus sashaying through Sagittarius and your flirtatious, flamboyant fifth house from October 7 to November 5, love is in the air as much as the scent of pumpkin-scented everything. Whether you’re single or attached, you’ll be in the mood to dress up, turn heads and pack your calendar with events. Unattached Lions may not want anything too serious during this cycle, especially since you could have lots of admiring options. Be upfront about your intentions (or lack thereof)—but prepare to have your heart captured just the same!


Meanwhile, Mars is charging through Libra until October 30, energizing your third house of communication and kindred spirits. In spite of a self-declared “free bird” status, you could meet someone who sweeps you off your suede ankle boots when you least expect it. Pay attention to friends who insist they know the “perfect” person for you. For once, they might be right! Couples will appreciate having a chance to step out of any stressful circular conversations and just enjoy each other’s company. Organize some casual gatherings with mutual friends, like concerts or comedy shows. Variety can’t help but bring some sizzle to your shared life!

Put your money where your mouth is, Leo, and start spreading the news! With the Sun and go-getter Mars in Libra and your communicative third house for most of the month, your ideas are your currency. Of course, there’s a little curveball here from Mercury, which is retrograde in Libra until October 18. Make sure to check all your facts and verify before sharing anything. 


If possible, hold off on your big launches until after Mercury corrects course on the 18th, but consider a beta version debut or “soft launch” at the October 6 Libra new moon. On October 10 and 18 respectively, heavy-hitter Saturn and lucky Jupiter will also end their retrogrades in Aquarius, powering forward in your fifth house of fame. One of your creative projects could draw accolades, if not a fervent and devoted following. 


A big partnership opportunity could manifest at the October 20 Aries full moon. If you’ve been holding off on signing a contract or making a big decision due to Mercury retrograde, these moonbeams could be the green light you’ve been waiting for!


Love Days: 10, 14

Money Days: 21, 4

Luck Days: 19, 29

Off Days: 26, 12, 16

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