Republicans Are Falling Into A Trap As Employees Aren’t Quitting Over Vaccine Mandates

New research shows that while people say that they will quit their jobs over vaccine mandates, very few actually do.

Almost all employees get vaccinated when given a mandate.

According to research done by The Conversation:

We found that 16% of employed respondents would quit, start looking for other employment, or both if their employer instituted a mandate. Among those who said they were “vaccine hesitant” – almost a quarter of respondents – we found that 48% would quit or look for another job.


But while it is easy and cost-free to tell a pollster you’ll quit your job, actually doing so when it means losing a paycheck you and your family may depend upon is another matter.

And based on a sample of companies that already have vaccine mandates in place, the actual number who do resign rather than get the vaccine is much smaller than the survey data suggest.

A tiny fraction of people quit when faced with a vaccine mandate.

At Houston Methodist Hospital, out of 25,000 employees, 153 were fired or resigned over the vaccine mandate. A few hundred more were given exemptions, and the rest got vaccinated. The hospital’s vaccination rate went from 85% to 98% after the mandate. At Indiana University Health, out of 35,800 employees, 125 quit.

Republicans Are Falling Into A Trap

Lots of people say that they will quit over a vaccine mandate, but they don’t. Instead, they get vaccinated, which means that the voters that Republicans think that they are appealing to aren’t there.

Vaccine mandates aren’t a big deal to almost all workers.

Republicans are likely to end up talking to themselves and alienating the vast majority of voters if they continue to campaign against vaccine mandates.

It is a trap that Republicans are being led into by people like Ted Cruz that could hurt them in the midterm election.

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