Sen. Ron Johnson Accidentally Admits The Real GOP Plan If They Win Back The Senate

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) was trying to push some false points about infrastructure when he admitted the GOP’s goal in winning the Senate is to obstruct Biden.


Johnson said on Fox and Friends, “ I hope the Progressives stand their ground so that nothing happens. That be the best result, and then, when we win in November 2022, we can start reversing the damage of the Biden administration of the Progressive left, and we’ll pass real obtstructure programs and bills, and we’ll repurpose that $700 billion that isn’t even scheduled to be spent until 2022-2028.”

I’ll give you a hint where Republicans want to repurpose the money that is intended for infrastructure. It rhymes with lax hut for the rich.

Senate Republicans don’t want to win back the Senate to do something. They want control of the Senate so that President Biden can’t do anything.

The American people have seen this movie before. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans don’t want the power to govern. They crave power to stop governing.

In the case of Ron Johnson and Senate Republicans,  to quote Shakespeare, the past is prologue. Senate Republicans obstructed Barack Obama, and they plan to do the same thing to Joe Biden.

If Democrats needed any more motivation to get out and vote, Sen. Johnson provided it by telling them what would happen if Republicans returned to power.


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