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MONTH OF October

Playing well with others isn’t always easy for you, Aries. You’re a natural leader, and you find it more efficient to do things your way. That’s fine and all, but could you use a few weeks off from blazing those solo trails? If so, good news: October is your annual “relationship” month as the Sun moves through Libra and Scorpio, the two most commitment-driven parts of your chart. 

Not only is the Sun in Libra and your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships until October 22, but your ruling planet, ambitious Mars, is in Libra until October 30. Translation: relationship rocket fuel! An exciting contract or business alliance could hit the fast track, and even more so when the Sun starts its monthlong trek through Scorpio and your eighth house of wealth, intimacy and mergers. But hang tight before you make it official since communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Libra until October 18, a time when technology and agreements can get wonky.

Although Mars is your cosmic ruler and always has your back, the red planet is in “detriment” (a weakened position) when visiting Libra. It makes sense: Mars is the mythological warrior, and Libra is the sign of peace. They’re strange bedfellows, and their combined energy fields can be an awkward match. Mars in Libra can unleash passive-aggressive behavior, simmering frustrations and sexual tensions that don’t get a proper outlet.

Whew! Sometimes, Aries, dealing with people can feel like a full-time job. If you need some relief, a powerful solo moment arrives on October 20, when the year’s only Aries full moon beams into your independent first house. Go ahead and step into the spotlight now! A passion project or personal goal that you’ve been working on since your birthday could manifest into tangible form.

The action will speed up even more as the month progresses. Since mid-August, all five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) have been retrograde. Now they start to turn direct: Pluto on October 6, Saturn on October 10, Mercury and Jupiter on October 18. Stalled career moves and glitchy collaborations should soon get back on track. Fall is starting to take shape now, and the momentum will keep picking up through the end of the year.

The Sun is in Libra until October 22

With the Sun in Libra and your dynamic duos zone until October 22, success is sweet (if not sweeter) when you make that meteoric rise with a savvy sidekick or two. The stars have lined up to help you play well with others. With energizer Mars also in Libra and traveling in tandem with the confident Sun, you won’t want to take too long to “think it over.” And then again…Mercury is retrograde in Libra until October 18, so you definitely SHOULD consider this from every angle before you commit. You could feel like you’re pumping the brake AND the gas pedal at the same time.

When in doubt, talk it out. Libra is your opposite sign, and with the Sun at its farthest position on the zodiac wheel from yours, energy could be in short supply. That’s all the more reason for you to lean on your inner circle and delegate to capable crew members. Just because you CAN do it alone doesn’t mean you should, Aries! Wise feedback from a few trusted sources could help you make smarter long-term decisions when you’re tempted (as you often are) to simply act on impulse.

The October 6 Libra new moon sparks relationships

Dynamic new partnerships spark up at the October 6 Libra new moon, which beams into your seventh house of commitments and companionship. And with activator Mars exactly conjunct the new moon, things could turn official fast! Someone (maybe you) could propose a permanent arrangement, whether that’s with an officialized relationship, a business venture or a signed contract. Since new moons can take up to six months to unfold, pay attention to the people you meet near this date. One or two could become prominent players in the coming days.

This year, a unique cosmic lineup will accompany the Libra new moon. There are six planets in air signs that day, energizing the most social and collaborative parts of your chart. Open up dialogue with your inner circle: How can you improve communication or distribute duties more equitably? Is it time to adopt a new role in your existing relationships? If you’re always the one in charge, dial down the DIY and allow others to take the helm. And if you haven’t stepped up to co-pilot the ship, this new moon could be your nudge. 

Pluto retrograde (and accompanying power struggles) end on October 6

Power struggles and professional angst will settle down beginning October 6, when calculating Pluto ends its annual five-month retrograde through Capricorn. Ever since April 27, Pluto has been backspinning through your tenth house of career and authority, which might have opened up a few potholes on your road to success. And with so much uncertainty in the workforce, you could’ve contemplated a radical change of path more than once. The Great Resignation of 2021 may have had “Aries” written all over it. 

More than anything, it’s time to get strategic and think big-picture. What do you want to do with your life and your grandest goals? How can you get from Point A to Point B—and what would be the most clever and profitable route? With Pluto standing strong in your tenth house of public image, presenting yourself to the world as a powerhouse or thought leader could position you for a serious status boost.

If you’ve had tension with a man in your life (possibly your father) or felt simmering conflict with a colleague or client, you can initiate a proactive discussion now. Proceed delicately and slowly since Plutonian matters are like a poker game—and the god of the underworld doesn’t want you to lay all your cards face-up on the table. If someone’s been triggering you, Pluto’s direct turn could finally help you stop taking the bait. Remember, the person who doesn’t react has the most power.

Teamwork on track: Saturn retrograde ends on October 10

Teamwork tribulations? If you’ve struggled to create cohesion in a collaboration, relief is in sight. On October 10, structured Saturn ends a four-and-a-half-month retrograde backspin in Aquarius and your eleventh house of collaborations. Since May 23, many Aries have found it tough to rally the troops or get your team to pull their weight. A rift with a friend or colleague may have left you without your usual support system—or perhaps the people you normally lean on were so busy with their own responsibilities that they couldn’t be there for you.

With Saturn motoring forward, you can forge powerful connections…and remember who your real allies are. Quality over quantity! You could be promoted to a leadership role in a group or invited to join a prestigious members-only society. If you’re feeling lonely or adrift from your crew, make a dedicated effort to see those kindred spirits. Organize a (safe) group getaway or host a virtual monthly mastermind. It might take prioritizing and planning, but it will be well worth it when your tanks are refilled.

Jupiter and Mercury both end their retrogrades on October 18

Let’s DO this, Aries! Expressive Mercury and expansive Jupiter both end their retrograde slowdowns on October 18, getting your relationships, technology efforts and overall communication back on track. 

Mercury has been retrograde since September 27 in Libra, disrupting your committed-relationship sector and snagging any attempts to officialize a contract or agreement. Maybe you had second thoughts about moving forward in a commitment. Longtime duos could have best used this cycle to work through any longstanding points of conflict. After this three-week “think it over” cycle, hopefully you’re clearer on what you want and can decide on your best next move.

This same day, growth-driven Jupiter will power forward in Aquarius and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Since June 20, Jupiter has been in slow motion, which could have put a budding alliance on the back burner or stalled progress with an online project. Between now and December 28, this relationship could pick up speed. And with Jupiter forming a potent trine to activator Mars in Libra, your talks could move to the fast track.

With visionary Jupiter in the idealistic eleventh house, politics might even call your name. If you’re a business owner, look at the role of technology and social media in your efforts. With outspoken Jupiter handing you the megaphone, an edgy or progressive message could go viral. But be careful not to veer too far into controversy for controversy’s sake. Jupiter in this free-to-be-me zone makes you sensitive to censorship, but it could also tempt you to push the envelope TOO far. With communicator Mercury in its wobbly new course correction, err on the side of politeness and don’t just unleash or unload.

The Aries full moon on October 20 puts the spotlight on you!

A moment of solo stardom arrives on October 20, when the year’s only Aries full moon beams into your sign. Look back to the April 11 Aries NEW moon for clues of what might start to come together today. Intentions set near your last birthday could come to fruition now. If you’ve been considering making a major move around a passion project or personal ambition, this could be your moment to go for it! (Here’s hoping this full moon will deliver the premiere of HBO Max’s “And Just Like That,” the sequel to “Sex and the City” starring Aries Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon.) If all the Libra season compromising and collaborating has left you feeling out of your element, this is THE day to put your own priorities first without apology!

Mars-Pluto square on October 22: intense day alert

Watch for power plays on October 22, when combaticlass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ve Mars (your ruler) locks into a tense square with volcanic Pluto. Mars is in Libra and your relationship zone, and Pluto’s in Capricorn, which governs your tenth house of career. This could make for some explosive moments in a business relationship or a showdown with a significant male (your father, perhaps). Nobody wants to compromise, and things could quickly devolve into a power struggle. What’s really pushing your buttons here? Try to catch yourself BEFORE you react. That can be a challenge with hotheaded Mars making you thin-skinned and itching to fight. Meanwhile, subterranean Pluto’s influence could churn up a lot of long-buried resentments. You can’t settle every grudge in a single match, Aries! If you’ve been making too many sacrifices for a partner or forestalling your own dreams, this Mars-Pluto mashup can be a wakeup call. Remember, Ram: YOU are responsible for setting appropriate boundaries and articulating your needs. Others can only help if you ask. (Note: A request is different than a demand, so don’t go to the opposite extreme and turn into a diva!)

Scorpio season starts October 22

Life becomes more of a chessboard—but an exciting one!—starting October 22, when the Sun shifts into Scorpio and your eighth house of intimacy, mergers and strategic moves. For the next month, you may prefer to be more private or to focus on a few key relationships. A joint business venture could percolate, or a sizzling sexual attraction may start to gather steam.

Halloween heat: Mars enters Scorpio on October 30

Get ready for some tricks and treats! Right before the month ends, your ruling planet, Mars, shifts into Scorpio, activating your erotic and intense eighth house until December 13. Mars here can ratchet up jealousy and competitiveness as much as it cranks up the sizzling heat. The eighth house also rules long-term wealth, particularly shared finances. A joint venture can rapidly develop, and you might explore ways to merge your superpowers for mutual gain.

Cupid is circling this month as your ruler, passionate Mars, prowls through Libra and your seventh house of committed relationships until October 30. If you’re single or in a sketchy “situationship,” Mars’ intensity can help you land where you’d like to be. But you need to be focused and single-minded in your pursuits. Nix the people you’re only halfheartedly into, even if they seem to be staving off loneliness. In actuality, they’re blocking the energetic door for the right person to walk in! Attached? Give your union the TLC it deserves. Put your partner first every chance you get—and make an extra effort to connect through sensual together time and deep-diving conversations. With combative Mars here, couples may fight more, but the steamy makeup sessions will ALMOST make it worth the trouble. That said, keep your temper in check and do your best to remain calm and composed when you discuss triggering topics.

On October 7, amorous Venus soars into liberated Sagittarius and your adventurous ninth house until November 5. Even as Mars is spurring you toward commitment, Venus finds freedom a major turn-on. You’re all about inner growth and outer expansion, and you’re open to a variety of new people and experiences. An attraction to someone of a different culture or background than yours could spark up. For couples, this is a favorable cycle to travel together—with pandemic precautions and the caveat of that trickster Mercury being retrograde until October 18 (in your relationship house to boot), so there will be obstacles to navigate around. One thought: Plan and ticket the trip now but go later. Make sure anything you book is fully refundable! 

Double your prosperity this month by teaming up with dynamic and experienced collaborators! Go-getter Mars is in Libra and your partnership zone until October 30, energizing your shared efforts, especially near the Libra new moon on October 6. Although you might want it signed, sealed and delivered fast, take your time to read the fine print. On October 18, both messenger Mercury and enterprising Jupiter end their signal-scrambling retrogrades, setting up much better conditions for accepting deals and offers. 

Besides, the October 20 Aries full moon will shine a strong spotlight on your priorities, provoking a key moment of self-awareness that will help you make the best and most personally aligned decision possible. The full moon is also an ideal launch date for a passion project. Be ready: The spotlight could find you whether you’re ready or not!

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