Human SNL Skit Trump Renames His Super PAC Make America Great Again Again

Trump’s idea of a rebrand is to rename his super PAC, Make America Great Again Again.

Here is the statement announcing that Trump is renaming his super PAC:

The same crew is behind the super PAC as Pam Bondi and Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

The super PAC that they are endorsing candidates who are sucking up to Donald Trump.  There is one thing that Trump’s organization hasn’t done yet. Trump hasn’t given any money to Republican candidates.

Trump is a one-trick pony.

Trump has no new tricks. He is going to run for president again or suck all of the money and oxygen out of the Republican Party by running the same campaign that he ran in 2016 and 2020. The sequel to Trump 2016 flopped, and the failed twice impeached former president is showing that he has no reason for running, except for his financial situation that has been described as dire.

Trump went far beyond self-parody long ago. He is a walking SNL skit if an SNL skit could potentially destroy democracy.

Trump must be stopped, and if he doesn’t get criminally convicted, the American people will need to rise up and reject him at the ballot box.


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